Bayonne Ham Whole | +/-6.4kg


Bayonne ham is a dry cured ham from the Southwest of France. The region is characterized by the meeting of the temperate, humid oceanic climate coming from the Atlantic and the drier air from the Pyrenees. This creates the perfect production conditions. According to legend, a hunter named Gaston Febus wounded a wild boar that ran off only to be discovered months later perfectly preserved within the Natural Spring of the Adour Basin.

Four ingredients are essential for the production of Bayonne ham: pig, salt, air and time. The pigs used for Bayonne ham are bred locally, in the area around the Adour Basin. Salies de Bearn salt is obtained exclusively through the evaporation of salty spring water from the Reine Jeanne D’Oraas spring, between the sea and the mountains. Salies de Bearn has been trapped beneath the Pyrenees for millions of years and preserved in water at concentrations 10 times that of seawater.



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